IndEco: Strategic solutions for a changing world

IndEco's offices

IndEco is a management consulting firm focused primarily on sustainability, energy and the environment. We are convinced that organizations that wish to be successful need to be energy efficient and to address their sustainability. We offer services to municipalities, utilities, and other private, public and third sector organizations.

Our team

The IndEco team consists of qualified professionals with advanced degrees, and training in energy policy, energy management, environmental science, business, economics, strategic management, and applications development. We bring experience in working with both public and private organizations, large and small and a commitment to your success.

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News and publications

Health benefits of a low-carbon future in Toronto

Toronto is embarking on TransformTO, a program to look at ways of getting to 80% reduction in GHG emissions by 2050 relative to 1990. Toronto Public Health engaged IndEco to review the literature on potential co-benefits and co-harms. [read more]

Stepping up to the Conservation First challenge

What does the challenge mean for Ontario's electricity distributors, and how might they respond. An article from the EDA's The Distributor magazine. [read more]