IndEco's team

The key to our firm's success is our people. IndEco is committed to having senior staff not only supervising and coordinating projects, but also actively engaged in research and consulting. We believe that the direct involvement of our most experienced personnel is essential for maintaining our high standards.

The IndEco team consists of qualified professionals with advanced degrees, and training in energy policy, energy management, environmental science, business, economics, strategic management, and applications development. We bring experience in working with both public and private organizations, large and small.

Our focus is on strategic planning, program delivery, information and management systems for tracking, monitoring and evaluation, regulatory affairs, technology and market assessment, and communications and training. We also have a network of associations with professionals in related disciplines and in other countries with whom we collaborate.

Talk to one of our senior staff about how our services can help you:

Photo of David Heeney

David Heeney

CEO & Founder

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Shona Adamson


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Josh Shook

Senior Consultant