Brantford Power conservation and demand management plan

An IndEco project report
IndEco worked with staff from Brantford Power in developing their 2004-2005 conservation and demand management plan. Brantford Power is a local electricity distribution company serving the City of Brantford, in southern Ontario.

The plan is built on a foundation of five key principles:
  • avoid lost opportunities and keep options open
  • include a mix of conservation assets and programs
  • address all customer classes
  • build on existing programs and leverage other sources of funding, where possible
  • provide experience that will be helpful in delivering future conservation and demand management programs

Some notable components of the plan include upgrading voltage in an older, less efficient sub-division, reactivating a residential water heating load management system for demand response, and developing a program for low income retrofits. A menu of supplemental programs is also proposed that includes incentives to customers to replace older room air conditioners or Christmas light strings, upgrading traffic signals to LEDs on Wayne Gretsky parkway, and accelerating the conversion of general service customers to interval meters.

The plan was submitted to the Ontario Energy Board for final approval on 29 October 2004.

Brantford Power 2006 CDM Plan 259 kb

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