North Bay first in Ontario to convert all streetlights to LEDs

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By: Josh Shook

The City of North Bay became the first municipality in Ontario to convert all of the city's streetlights to light emitting diodes (LEDs). As North Bay's previous streetlights were coming to the end of their useful life, the City evaluated a number of options before deciding on LEDs, which provided the following benefits:
  • Estimated $350,000 annually in energy and maintenance cost savings, providing a simple payback of approximately 8 years;
  • The new fixtures provide 50% energy consumption reduction and the project overall provides 37% savings, as additional lights were added in some residential areas; and
  • The LED lights provide better lighting while reducing light pollution.

North Bay Hydro provided the City with a $60,000 incentive for the project through the saveONenergy Retrofit program. North Bay Hydro provided technical support and advice for the upgrade and is contracted to maintain the City's streetlight system.

IndEco provided specific analysis of the lost revenue incurred by North Bay Hydro for the City's streetlight project along with estimates of lost revenue for all of North Bay Hydro's conservation and demand management (CDM) programs. In addition to lost revenue adjustment mechanism (LRAM) support, IndEco has worked with North Bay Hydro since 2007 on a number of projects:
  • CDM plan development,
  • Achievable potential analysis for CDM programs specific to North Bay Hydro's service territory,
  • Providing custom CDM training for North Bay Hydro's staff,
  • Custom CDM program design, and
  • Support for achieving approval for a significant cogeneration project.

If you would like to find out more information about these types of services and how IndEco can assist your organization in taking a leadership position in creating positive change, please contact David Heeney. A service sheet on IndEco's CDM services is also available for download below.
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