Active transportation and community health in CBRM

An IndEco project report
"Yield to pedestrians" sign and sidewalk cafeIndEco worked with Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) and a multi-stakeholder Project Steering Committee to help CBRM secure additional resources and support for active transportation. CBRM adopted an Active Transportation Plan in 2008, and has made impressive progress on implementing the AT Plan. However, active modes are not yet safe and attractive enough to attract large numbers of users, and CBRM faces a number of institutional challenges that limit the efficiency of implementation.

As part of the project, IndEco demonstrated the viability of active transportation in CBRM, and explored the benefits of active transportation for CBRM. As part of the project, IndEco reviewed the literature on active transportation, compiled and analyzed transportation data, and conducted key informant interviews with other relevant Canadian municipalities. IndEco also worked with CBRM staff and stakeholders to identify specific strategies for CBRM to move forward on active transportation.

The final report concluded that there is significant latent demand for active transportation in CBRM. It discussed how increasing the use of active transportation could provide health benefits, economic benefits, and quality of life benefits in CBRM – thus contributing to the municipality's long-term vitality. Finally, the report included recommendations related to municipal policies and programs, funding for active transportation, and collaboration on implementation.