Milton Hydro DSM Plan for 2003

An IndEco project report
Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. is a strong supporter of energy efficiency and has undertaken activities in the past to improve the energy efficiency of its operations and of its customers. Milton Hydro would like to expand its efforts to assist its customers in achieving higher levels of energy efficiency and energy conservation. It intends to do so by expanding its efforts in interval metering and by developing a DSM program for 2003 that supports and enhances its interval metering initiatives.

A key first step was announced 22 January 2003 when Milton Hydro and Oakville Hydro announced that they will be requiring interval meters in all new homes built within their jurisdictions.

The demand side management (DSM) plan for 2003 was jointly developed by IndEco, Fraser & Company and Milton Hydro.

Read the entire report: Milton_Hydro_DSM_Plan_2003.pdf392 kb