Making Ontario's social housing stock more energy efficient

An IndEco project report
As part of a province-wide low-income energy conservation retrofit initiative, IndEco designed three program concepts for the Conservation Bureau of the Ontario Power Authority, including a program concept for social housing.

As an initial step in implementing these concepts, the Conservation Bureau has contracted with the Social Housing Services Corporation (SHSC) to deliver the Green Light Program to social housing providers, which is based on the program concept IndEco developed for the Conservation Bureau.

The Green Light Program is one of several programs to assist social housing providers. Others are offered by local electric utilities, including Hydro One and Toronto Hydro, Enbridge Gas Distribution, and the federal government, under the Opportunities Envelope program. Each of these programs has different funding criteria and limits. For example, Natural Resources Canada funds 25% of the up front cost, and buys down the interest to zero for the first year on money borrowed; Toronto Hydro pays a fixed amount per kW saved; Hydro One pays up to 50% with a maximum per housing unit; and Enbridge pays based on the number of measures implemented, and gas savings, up to a maximum amount per building. Further, different programs will incent different sets of measures. To assist social housing providers, SHSC contracted with IndEco to develop a software tool to help sort out what a provider may apply for. The tool uses a linear program to calculate how to maximize the contributions a housing provider can request.

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