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Supporting the expansion of electric vehicles in Ontario

IndEco supported our clients in applying for funding for the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario program. [read more]


Town of Halton Hills Mayor's Community Energy Plan

The Town of Halton Hills has approved IndEco's final Mayor's Community Energy Plan. [read more]


IndEco has helped LDCs recover more than $10 million in lost revenue

Since 2007, IndEco has assisted seventeen electricity local distribution companies recover revenues lost due to reduction in customer sales resulting from their conservation programs. [read more]

Town of Halton Hills wins this year’s OPA Community Conservation Award

One of the reasons was IndEco’s work developing the Mayor’s Community Energy Plan. [read more]

County of Oxford is planning for a sustainable, resilient and vital future

IndEco is excited to be working on the County's Community Sustainability Plan. [read more]

Energy plans required for Ontario public agencies

A new regulation under the Green Energy Act, 2009 came into effect January 1, 2012. This regulation requires all public agencies to develop energy conservation and demand management plans. [read more]


Town of Halton Hills Mayor’s Community Energy Plan

IndEco is developing a corporate and community energy plan to help the Town meet the reporting and planning requirements of Regulation 397/11, and to guide energy sustainability within the community until year 2030. [read more]

City of Brantford Corporate Energy Plan

IndEco is working with the City to develop a comprehensive Corporate Energy Management Plan aimed to fulfill the reporting and planning requirements of Regulation 397/11. [read more]


IndEco explores best practices in smart grid consumer engagement

Interactive smart grid roadshows? Mobile applications? Social media contests? IndEco is researching the tools that North American utilities are using to engage consumers - and the results of these efforts. [read more]

IndEco researching energy and water conservation connections in Kingston

The collaborative research project with academic and utility partners looks at the municipal energy savings potential that can be acheived through water conservation. [read more]

Ontario Power Authority releases draft evaluation results for 2011 electricity utility conservation and demand management programs

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) released draft evaluation results for 2011 of its electricity conservation and demand management programs being delivered by local distribution companies (LDCs) province-wide. The OPA reports that it's on track, but a significant number of LDCs need to pick up the pace to meet their mandated 2014 targets. [read more]

Conservation dashboards for utilities

IndEco’s conservation dashboards are helping electric utilities track their progress and results on customer energy efficiency programs. [read more]

Information about IndEco and things we're interested in now on Twitter!

[read more]

University of Western Ontario energy and water management master plan

IndEco developed a 10-year plan to help the university save money, reduce its environmental impact, and advance its core educational mission. [read more]

Conservation and demand management targets: The Strategic Review™

IndEco is helping electric utilities on the path to customer energy efficiency targets: reviewing progress, preparing for reporting, and identifying opportunities for improvement. [read more]

The impact of OPA merger with IESO on energy efficiency

David Heeney comments. The bottom line: it's a lost opportunity. [read more]

Beyond utility-driven conservation: Unfulfilled promises

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Energy Conservation Progress Report draws attention to the fundamental changes that are required to transition to an energy efficiency society. [read more]

What is the future of our energy, building, transportation and information systems?

Eric Buan's thoughts and impressions on the 2012 VERGE Conference held in Washington DC [read more]


Environmental Commissioner of Ontario reports on energy conservation

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario's recent report on energy conservation points to both progress, and problems in the Ontario conservation system. [read more]

IndEco provides assistance for the development of a pollution prevention program

IndEco worked with Toronto Public Health on the development of a potential program for small and medium sized businesses. [read more]

IndEco saving water in institutional and commercial facilities

IndEco is helping Toronto commercial and institutional facilities to identify ways to reduce water use and to access incentives offered under the city's Capacity Buy-back Program. [read more]


IndEco and The MEARIE Group continue to offer CDM Specialist certificate program

Seven CDM courses are being offered that, upon successful completion, will earn participants their MEARIE CDM Specialist certification. [read more]

IndEco delivers CDM Specialist program in Sudbury

IndEco delivered the CDM Specialist certificate program on-site for Greater Sudbury Hydro's CDM team during the week of December 13th. [read more]

Meet Ontario's first CDM specialists

IndEco has designed and delivers the CDM Specialist Certificate Program, in partnership with The MEARIE Group. A number of Ontario facility staff have completed all seven courses and been granted a CDM Specialist certificate. [read more]

IndEco assists Ontario electric utilities with their conservation strategies

IndEco assisted a number of electricity distribution companies to develop strategies for addressing targets for energy savings and demand reductions between 2011 and 2014. [read more]

IndEco designs and manages a comprehensive energy management program at UHN hospitals

The University Health Network (UHN), with the assistance of IndEco piloted a comprehensive energy management and engagement program in their three hospitals – Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital - over three years (2007-2010). This program has achieved success in both saving energy and enhancing energy conservation behaviours in UHN staff. [read more]

IndEco updates its DSM best practices report for the Canadian natural gas utilities

The reports identify the current state of natural gas DSM across Canada and identify several natural gas DSM best practices. [read more]

When rain barrels fly

IndEco is responsible for organizing the York Region rain barrel sales events for 2009, 2010, and 2011. On May 29th, the 2010 event was held at three locations in York Region. More than 3900 barrels were sold. [read more]

IndEco and partners save more than 400 million litres of water in York Region in 2009

Savings were accrued through a portfolio of programs that included toilet rebates, rain barrel subsidies, and installation of low-flow spray valves. [read more]

IndEco provides successful ERIP event for Welland Hydro

IndEco provided a successful information session on the Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program (ERIP) for customers and channel partners of Welland Hydro on 9 December 2009. [read more]

The Canadian Gas Association publishes IndEco report on rate design options

The report analyses factors driving reductions in natural gas loads, and identifies and evaluates rate design options. [read more]


Welcome to our new website

IndEco announces updates to its website [read more]

Happy Birthday IndEco—15 years old this month

IndEco was founded 15 years ago in October 1994. [read more]

Bill 21 - The Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2005 receives Royal Assent

Ontario Bill 21- The Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2005 stipulates that all public agencies in Ontario, such as municipalities may be required, by regulation, to prepare annual energy conservation plans. This article gives a brief overview of the requirements for these plans. [read more]

IndEco helps Barrie Hydro win PeakBuster Award

Barrie Hydro received one of eight PeakBuster Awards for exceeding the provincial average in reducing peak electricity demand at the time of greatest demand in 2008 as compared to 2007. [read more]


Comprehensive energy management program at UHN achieves significant energy savings

In just its first year of implementation the IndEco designed and managed TLC program has resulted in a 4.6% reduction in electricity consumption, a 4.4% reduction in natural gas consumption and a 5,642.5 tonne reduction in CO2 equivalents at Toronto Western Hospital. [read more]

IndEco secures MW savings for ERIP 2007 that are double the target for the province.

In Fall 2007, IndEco delivered the Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program (ERIP) on behalf of 14 electric utilities in Southern and Western Ontario. The savings IndEco is responsible for achieving are greater than the target savings for the entire province. [read more]


Heather Davidson-Meyn's paper on the Energy Drill Schools Program at AESP's 18th National Energy Services Conference & Expo

Heather Davidson-Meyn gave a presentation on a unique behavioural demand response program at the Association of Energy Services Professional's 18th National Energy Services Conference & Expo held on January 28 - 31 in Clearwater, Florida. [read more]

Now available: Heather Davidson-Meyn's presentation on the Energy Drill Schools Program at ESource 2007

You are invited to view Heather Davidson-Meyn's presentation on a unique behavioural demand response program called the Energy Drill Schools Program. Heather introduced the program at the ESource 2007 Forum, held on September 25 - 28 in Boulder, Colorado. [read more]

IndEco cited in the summer edition of "The Distributor"

In the June/July edition of "The Distributor", a publication of the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) David Collie, cites IndEco's May 2007 report on LDCs conservation efforts in 2006 in his "Message from the Chair". [read more]


IndEco begins the development of the City of Toronto's Energy Plan.

IndEco was retained to begin work on the development of the Energy Plan for Toronto by the City of Toronto. The work on the Energy Plan that has been completed to date and the results of this work is outlined by IndEco in a report titled, "Report on the Development of the Energy Plan for Toronto." [read more]

IndEco welcomes new staff

David Heeney, president of IndEco, welcomes Victoria Farmer and Heather Davidson-Meyn to the IndEco team. [read more]

Bill 21 - The Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2005 receives Royal Assent

Ontario Bill 21- The Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2005 stipulates that all public agencies in Ontario, such as municipalities may be required, by regulation, to prepare annual energy conservation plans. This article gives a brief overview of the requirements for these plans. [read more]


OPA 'Certificate of Recognition' awarded to Milton Hydro Energy Drill Program

Milton Hydro has received a certificate of recognition, from the Ontario Power Authority, for its innovative Energy Drill Program, which is being piloted with IndEco's assistance. This is the first certificate awarded by the OPA under its new Electricity Conservation Challenge. [read more]

IndEco designs award winning low-income residential energy efficiency program

[An IndEco newsitem]
Brantford Power received the 2005 EDA Annual Innovations Award under the Customer Service Category for the Conserving Homes program, a third tranche funded conservation and demand management program. IndEco, along with Share the Warmth and Brantford Power, designed the Conserving Homes program specifically designed to be accessible to meet the needs of low-income households, both renters and homeowners, in the City of Brantford [read more]

IndEco helps Milton Hydro pilot the Energy Drill Program™

This article describes an innovative demand response pilot program underway in Milton. IndEco is managing the pilot, on behalf of Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. [read more]


Milton Hydro and Brantford Power conservation and demand management plans receive final approval from the Ontario Energy Board

Conservation and demand management plans for Milton Hydro and Brantford Power received final approval today from the Ontario Energy Board in an oral decision released shortly after final argument on the plans [read more]

Milton Hydro gets approval for its DSM plan

Milton Hydro's DSM plan has received approval from the Ontario Energy Board. It is the first DSM plan to be approved for an electric local distribution company in Ontario. [read more]

Milton Hydro submits first electricity DSM plan to OEB

Milton Hydro has filed a 2004 DSM Plan prepared by IndEco and Milton Hydro staff with the Ontario regulatory agency and sought approval to begin making investments immediately in energy efficiency, load management, and demand reduction. Components of the plan are described, and the full plan may be downloaded. [read more]

Changes to the Ontario energy market hold promise for conservation, renewables and distributed generation

The Ontario Minister of Energy, Dwight Duncan, today delivered a key speech announcing the Ontario government's proposals for moving forward. Many energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed generation and other energy initiatives IndEco has been working on with our clients and partners have met barriers relating to the uncertainty in the regulatory and market frameworks within which these would occur. The speech marks a step towards eliminating these barriers, but many of the details remain to be seen over the coming months. [read more]


Benchmarking information technology solutions for environment, health & safety

Report on a NAEM workshop on benchmarking information technology solutions for environment, health & safety. At the workshop, a survey of EHS information technology solutions in participating firms was presented, and barriers, keys to success, and drivers were discussed. Some of the major conclusions included the benefits of involving users in designing the systems, and the need for EHS staff to better integrate with the rest of their corporation, and to be better at making the case for the initiatives they propose. [read more]

GLOBE 2000 delegates confirm that embracing the environment makes sound business sense

At GLOBE 2000 in March, corporate leaders explored the interaction between business and the environment, recognizing that this connection is now tangible, and competitive advantage will be lost if the environment is not a key component of business strategy. Three main issues were highlighted at GLOBE 2000: environmental performance is critical to business success, partnerships between business and government are crucial, and finally, business must join the fight against global climate change. [read more]