IndEco Services: Communications and training

Environment and resource programs and technologies will only be effective if they are understood by those using or affected by them. This understanding requires knowledge of both hands-on operational procedures, and of the larger context into which the program or technology fits.

IndEco routinely designs information tools and training programs to facilitate this process. These can take several forms, depending on the type of information to be conveyed, the target audience and other factors, but have included:
    • reporting systems We designed a system for reporting on the State of the Environment, accounting for environmental quality, human contributions, and policy responses.
    • data compendia We developed a compendium of data sources for life-cycle analysis.
    • computer models We built a simple model for municipalities to estimate the full-costs of landfills.
    • seminars We gave a series of seminars on the use of evaluation methods in environmental assessment.
    • workshops We have organized many multi-stakeholder and expert workshops to address various issues including environmental planning frameworks, landfill externalities, and State of the Environment measurement.
    • classroom instruction We taught environmental auditors how to do a financial evaluation of pollution prevention options.
    • one-on-one assistance We provided training in the use of computer systems, and computerized tools for environmental management, including instruction on the development of a comprehensive inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Recent projects

    The MEARIE Group, Electricity Distributor Association (EDA) - Designed and delivered a series of seven courses on all aspects of energy efficiency and demand reduction programs for Ontario electricity utilities staff. Courses include: Introduction to the principles of conservation and demand management (CDM), CDM Economics, CDM Programming, Evaluation, monitoring, and verification of CDM programs, CDM Marketing, Introduction to the OEB and utility regulation and CDM customer service. Participants completing all seven courses receive a certificate.

    Multiple local distribution companies - training was provided for customer service representatives on programs offered by their utilities, and responding to customer queries.

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